Kamikia Kisedje


Journalism Fund

Kamikia Kisedje is an Indigenous photographer and filmmaker, trained by the Vídeo nas Aldeias NGO.

Since 2000, he has reported on several important events for the Indigenous movement, such as assemblies of associations, cultural demonstrations, initiatives of Indigenous peoples, and the national Indigenous mobilization in Brasilia.

These videos and photos have an educational purpose, strengthening the culture, health, and the defense of the Indigenous cause.

He has worked for various Indigenous and Indigenist NGOs, and for different communities. His work — namely the Txeijkhô khãm Mby film (2007); a program about Indigenous health broadcast on Xingu FM Radio (2006); the fiction film Mulheres Guerreiras (2010); and the video-manifesto Carta do Povo Kisedje para Rio+20 (2012). He has also been recognized with awards at festivals. 

He highlights his coverage as an Indigenous reporter of Rio+20 in 2012 and his participation in the video exhibition held at the Summit of the Peoples in commemoration of the 25 years of the Vídeo nas Aldeias NGO. In addition, he documented the development of the Xingu Management Plan, in Mato Grosso and in Altamira/Pará, and, he had the honor of carrying out the documentation of the Indigenous participation at the COP21 held in Paris (2015), during which he accompanied the Indigenous leader Raoni.

With his extensive experience, Kamikia Kisedje has also been leading, together with Vídeo nas Aldeias and other NGOs, photography workshops and training for new filmmakers in various Indigenous villages, especially in the Xingu Indigenous Territory. In this way, he has worked to share his knowledge throughout Brazil's Indigenous villages.

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