Vinicius Sassine


Journalism Fund

Vinicius Sassine has been a reporter for 19 years. He has worked for O Globo, Época, Correio Braziliense, and O Popular. He is currently based in Manaus as an Amazon correspondent for Folha de São Paulo, after working at the Brasília branch as a reporter for 12 years.

Sassine has won 30 journalism awards, including 2 Esso Awards and 4 international awards: King of Spain International Journalism Award (Press category), GDA Journalism Award (Investigative Reporting), Roche Health Journalism Award (Writing), and SIP Award for Journalistic Excellence (Human Rights, honorable mention).

The series of reports that won these international awards was "FAB Refusals Prevent Transplants of 153 organs," which revealed how FAB planes stopped transporting organs in order to transport authorities. The next day, President Michel Temer issued a decree requiring that at least one FAB aircraft be available for organ transport. Hundreds of organs have been transported since then and lives have been saved.

In the field of documentaries, Sassine directed Escape (2018), Exu Killed a Bird (2020), and Custody (2021).

Vinicius Sassine