Project September 7, 2022

The Amazon at the Ballot Box



The Amazon at the Ballot Box special investigates the impact of the 2022 elections on the world's largest tropical forest. In the first report, there is a survey of bills that are in the Legislative Branch in the socio-environmental area, which may contribute to increase or not the devastation of the Amazon biome. Climate and environment specialists are also interviewed to talk about the proximity of an irreversible point of devastation if deforestation rates continue to grow, in addition to an analysis of how public policy decisions influence the protection of the forest.

The proposals of the main candidates for the Presidency of the Republic are also presented, and there is a comparison of their differences in the way they defend forest protection. In the text it is also possible to observe the correlation of forces among the members of Congress.

There is also a historical analysis of the country to show how the electoral cycle and the choices made by the government have a direct impact on the direction of environmental protection.