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Project June 28, 2021

The Deforestation of Masisea's Communal Lands Led by the Mennonite Christian Movement


This photo-journalism project focuses on the invasion and deforestation of communal lands by the Mennonite Christian Movement in Masisea, Peru. It aims to show the problems and recurrent conflicts that threaten the Amazon and affect the traditional and Indigenous communities in the ACR-Imiria area, in the district of Masisea, in Caimito, in Buenos Aires, and in general the region of Ucayali — the effects of which even reach public institutions in the city of Pucallpa.

In addition to affecting the forests adjacent to the aforementioned Indigenous communities, this deforestation has created a hostile environment and led to conflict between neighbors, as well as between communities and local Indigenous organizations.

Despite the intervention of the appropriate authorities in the region on some occasions, no agreement has been reached with these foreign invaders, who are known to have deforested large areas of forests in other parts of the Americas, such as Bolivia and Central American countries.

In addition to the problem of deforestation, the communal territories are facing invading people who carry out illegal activities, for the purpose of planting coca plants, contributing to the problem of drug trafficking.

With the support of LaMula.pe and OjoPúblico, this project intends to show the daily life of the Indigenous people affected by these issues, examine the impact of the problem, and explore solutions to the territorial conflict.