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Project July 12, 2022

Ecotourism, an Alternative to Rainforest Exploration



This collaborative project shows how the development of ecotourism can be beneficial in the fight against deforestation.

To illustrate this, we use the case of the village Ebodjè, where ecotourism has led to the end of several forestry operators who had been cutting trees to concentrate on the protection of the marine turtle. Today, the village has become a prime example of activism in the fight against logging.

Ecotourism has saved several forests in this village located about fifty kilometers south of Kribi, on the road to Campo, which runs along the coast. It has also preserved forest and aquatic biodiversity (animals, birds, insects, marine turtles insects, marine turtles, among others), which are essential in the food chain and brought development to the communities thanks to the activities created (excursions in the forest, guided tours, river and sea canoeing, visits to waterfalls, and the Wolf Rock).

At Ebodjè, ecotourism has helped finance the schooling of children up to university.

The objective is to push not only local communities to invest in ecotourism, but to attract the attention of other communities to engage in ecotourism as well. Furthermore, it shows that public authorities could develop this sector, which constitutes a true asset in the fight against the exploitation of the Cameroonian forest and which contributes to biodiversity while ensuring the development of local communities.