Project November 15, 2022

Indigenous Voting and Elections



This project aims to produce a story that outlines a profile of the Amazonian Indigenous candidates and voters in the 2022 elections. This story aims to identify the campaigns of the Indigenous candidates and how they relate to the environmental and Indigenous agendas. It is also part of the research to understand the conditions of the election and listen to voices of Indigenous voters about the 2022 election.

Researchers point out the absence and fragility of public policies in the deep Amazon, and even in the most urbanized cities. The interests of the region and its traditional population are marginalized in the agendas of the National Congress.

In this context, there is low Indigenous representation or complete absence in the legislatures of the National Congress after the re-democratization of the country. And this exclusion is a hallmark of the Brazilian parliament, where a strong ruralist caucus is active, with agendas that are often in conflict with and attack environmental legislation and Indigenous rights.

This project attempts to show the past and the present of this history of exclusion.