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Project December 9, 2020

Plantation Permit Mode, Investors Clearing Forest in Sabuai Seram Timur Maluku Village



The Society of Indonesian Environmental Journalists aims to build a network of journalists and media to encourage critical and truth-based environmental coverage, as well as a forum for increasing the skills and capacity of journalists for environmental coverage issues. With that in mind, there are several purposes for in-depth coverage of "Mode of Plantation Permits, Investors Clearing Forest in Sabuai Seram Timur Maluku Village":

This project's in-depth coverage aims to expose the scandal and later aims to expose legal crimes, rules and norms committed by organizations and individuals related to government-issued timber utilization permits using the plantation permit mode. By examining the policies and functions of the government, companies and other organizations related to cases of forest destruction and the plantation permits found, this report aims to show changes in society

This report aims to invite mass media and journalists together to pay deeper attention to issues of critical environmental reporting and side with the truth. The purpose of this writing is to influence policy makers to stop illegal forest clearing activities by investors.

This writing also aims to help local communities voice their aspirations to the Regional and Central Governments to stop illegal logging activities in the Sabuai Forest and Other Seram Island Plains. This writing is expected to be a step to help indigenous peoples in Seram Island and Maluku Province to always preserve the forest as the lungs of the earth.

It is hoped that this writing will serve as a basis as well as a recommendation for the District and Provincial Governments to continue to pay attention to the cultural values of local communities where forests are the source of life for local indigenous peoples.

This writing is expected to become a critical note for the Government in order to comply with regulations relating to the Environment and Forests so as not to be violated by government officials, both at the District, Provincial, and Central Government levels.

This writing is also expected so that policy makers, both the Provincial, Central and Regency Governments in issuing exploitation permits can adhere to the environmental impact analysis (AMDAL) of the location of the area which is the destination of exploitation.

Hopefully this writing can also help two residents who are currently still as suspects by the East Seram Police.