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Project November 2, 2022

Tshopo. Territory of Isangi. Status of the Fight Against Deforestation, 2010–2022



This project wants to question the benefits of a decade of alternatives to deforestation in the territory of Isangi, DRC. Among the 15 or so projects financed by various donors, the most prominent are REAFOR, FCCC, FORETS of the European Union, PAIDECO and PRODAT of the Belgian technical cooperation, and PIREDD+ of the ADB for more than $45 million USD.

Although implemented at different times, according to different processes and by different civil society organizations, the common objective remains to promote new practices in order to spare the forests of the Yangambi biosphere from the pressure due to human activity (logging, slash-and-burn agriculture, charcoal burning, etc.), the latter being carried out not only by local communities, but also by state officials and logging companies.

It is a question of transcending the unilateral approach of official reports. In this logic, dialectic is required so that the points must be confronted on the basis of the investigations to be carried out by the reporters with the support of the Pulitzer Center.

A multimedia production package (radio, television, web) is aimed at the local, national, and global public.