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Story Publication logo June 26, 2023

Radio: Fight Against Deforestation in Yangambi Landscape (French)


Lutte contre la déforestation au cœur du Bassin du Congo. Paysage de Yangambi, poumon du monde en réanimation

Fifteen projects for nearly $50 million have been implemented to fight against deforestation. What...


This story excerpt was translated from French. To listen to the original story in full, visit RTBI Isangi. Our website is available in EnglishSpanishbahasa IndonesiaFrench, and Portuguese.

Audio courtesy of RTBI Isangi.

The radio program is focused on the Fight Against Deforestation in Yangambi Landscape by local communities with the support of environmental organizations.

This story was produced by Jean Fundi and Orphée Fundi with support from the Rainforest Journalism Fund in partnership with the Pulitzer Center.

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