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Story Publication logo March 22, 2021

A Lack of Oxygen and Surplus of COVID Kits in Mato Grosso (Portuguese)


View of the facade of the Municipal Hospital of Bandeirantes, Hospital João Carneiro de Mendonça, in Mato Grosso, Brazil. Image by Dasayev Diogo/Shutterstock. Brazil, 2020.

Mato Grosso has experienced mortality rates above the national average and an underdeveloped...

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Um campo de cemitério com fileiras de marcadores de sepulturas. Algumas das sepulturas têm flores. Uma bandeira brasileira ondula em primeiro plano. Duas pessoas visitam uma sepultura em segundo plano.
Família chora no cemitério Parque Bom Jesus de Cuiabá. Fotografia de março/2021. Ahmad Jarrah.

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Mato Grosso is Brazil's leading export state and the only one in the country to see GDP growth in 2020, thanks to its agribusiness. But Its oxygen supply for hospitals in the northern region, the same region where its grain crops are located, was set to run out on March 23.

"We are in oxygen desperation and running against time to avoid the worst," said Renan Sotto Mayor, Federal Public Defender and Regional Human Rights Defender.

Twenty-eight cities will be left without supplies. The champion cities of grain farming, such as Sinop, Claudia, Matupá and Lucas do Rio Verde, are among those that may not have oxygen for COVID-19 patients in their Intensive Care Units.