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Story Publication logo February 4, 2019

In Morona Santiago, Deforestation Exists Alongside Poverty and Cultural Change


A construction worker on a dirt road at the bottom of a hill with a small cemetery.

Why Ecuador, one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, is failing to stop deforestation in...

En el sur de Morona Santiago, las comunidades indígenas contemplan la paulatina destrucción de la vegetación tropical. Image by Rodolfo Ansar. Ecuador, 2019.
Image by Rodolfo Ansar. Ecuador, 2019.

Forged documents, cloned trucks, and bribes are some of the methods used by the illegal loggers in Ecuador's Morona Santiago province to extract timber from the rainforest which the Shuar nation struggle to protect. Government mining concessions to their land have led to evictions and leaders being sued for protesting.

This article was published in the Spanish Language publication Plan V. Read the story in Spanish here.

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