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Story Publication logo June 17, 2022

Pelado’s Brother Is Arrested on Suspicion of “Qualified Homicide,” According to Police Chief


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On Tuesday, June 14, Oseney da Costa de Oliveira, alias "Dos Santos," 41 years old, was arrested for suspected participation, together with his brother, Amarildo da Costa de Oliveira, alias "Pelado," in the case of the disappearance of journalist Dom Phillips and Indigenous activist Bruno Pereira.

The arrest, registered exclusively by the Agência Pública team at the police station of Atalaia do Norte (AM), occurred because he is suspected of "qualified homicide," according to police information to the press.

Moment of Oseney's arrest in Atalaia. Images courtesy of Avener Prado for Agência Pública. Brazil, 2022.

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The delegate Alex Peres also said, in front of the police station, that Oseney was arrested in the city of Atalaia do Norte, on Quixito street. When asked about the alleged participation of the suspect under investigation, the delegate answered "effectively."

Oar seized by police during operation. Image courtesy of José Medeiros for Agência Pública. Brazil, 2022.

Searches at the place where Bruno and Dom's personal belongings were found continue. Images courtesy of José Medeiros for Agência Pública. Brazil, 2022.