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Story Publication logo April 18, 2022

Protecting the Natural Wealth of TNBT (bahasa Indonesia)


An aerial shot of an Indonesian national park.

A comparison of the two sides of people's lives: those living in the preserved TNBT area and the...


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A resident passes by the community garden area located in the TNBT buffer area. Image by Riaukarya.com. Indonesia, 2022.

RENGAT - Bukit Tigapuluh National Park (TNBT) has a natural wealth of flora and fauna. However, perpetrators of encroachment and illegal logging are slowly starting to enter the TNBT area. This is happening in Alim Village, Batang Cenaku District, Indragiri Hulu Regency. For the TNBT's Police Forestry officers, catching the encroachers is like a game of cat and mouse. Throughout 2021 to January 2022, the Polhut Balai TNBT and the National Police have handled 9 cases of illegal logging. 

A different situation was found in Batang Gansal District, Inhu District. Indigenous people who live in TNBT and around the buffers of TNBT are still at peace with the nature in which they live. Even the local community is involved in the program to maintain the natural beauty of TNBT along with extension officers at TNBT.

Senang, a resident of Talang Lakat, Batang Gansal District, is one of the original residents who is being assisted by TNBT. The 48-year-old man and dozens of other residents are members of the group assisted by the sugar palm farmers in TNBT. On top of the garden which is approximately four hectares wide, there are several palm stems. Not only that, various other plants were also found, such as forest bark, durian, bananas, areca nut, jengkol, and also palm trees.

Oil palm plantation workers' homes in the TNBT buffer area. Image by Riaukarya.com. Indonesia, 2022.

Image by Riaukarya.com. Indonesia, 2022.