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Story Publication logo August 19, 2022

Racing to Log Sipora Forest (bahasa Indonesia)


An excavator machine is being driven around a forest.

The threats to four endemic primates and the biodiversity of Sipora Island

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Primate habitat in North Sipora Sub-district, Mentawai Islands Regency, is threatened because there are seven access rights to the Forest Product Administration Information System (SIPUHH) of the Production Forest Management Centre (BPHP) Region III Pekanbaru.

SIPUHH is a web-based information system used as a means of recording and reporting forest product administration electronically.

Head of the Planning Section of BPHP Region III Pekanbaru, Ruslan Hamid, said that SIPUHH access rights are not permits but access rights given to landowners for the administration of timber forest products.

"SIPUHH access rights can be granted after the applicant completes very rigid requirements including a recommendation from the Regent and an Environmental Management Statement (SPPL) registered with the local Environmental Agency," Ruslan told Mentawaikita.com by telephone in mid-July.

According to Ruslan, the area where the seven SIPUHH accesses are located is not in a forest area, either production forest, conservation forest, or protected forest, but its function is APL (Other Use Area). "So the tenure status is in accordance with the latest regulation PP 8 KLHK in 2021 which is a derivative of PP 23 and a derivative of the Job Creation Law," he said.

Thousands of logs in Longpon Berkat, Tuapeijat Village, North Sipora Sub-district. Image by Rus Akbar/MentawaiKita. Indonesia, 2022.

Piles of logs in Logpon Berkat, North Sipora. Image by Rus Akbar/MentawaiKita. Indonesia, 2022.

Map of Sipora and location of forest clearance in APL area. Image courtesy of MentawaiKita. Indonesia, 2022.

Logs that have been cut down are piled up near the loading road. Image by Rus Akbar/MentawaiKita. Indonesia, 2022.

Logpon at Berkat beach before the logs are transported out of Mentawai. Image by Rus Akbar/MentawaiKita. Indonesia, 2022.

A small pile of logs in a toek (woodworm) container in Saureinuk. Image by Rus Akbar/MentawaiKita. Indonesia, 2022.