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Story Publication logo January 15, 2024

Radio: The Customary Landowners of Mbanza-Ngungu Demand a Review of the SOGENAC Land Transfer Contract (French)


a tree

The coveted forest has been destroyed by foreigners, impacting communities.


The territory of Mbanza Ngungu (Kongo-Central) marked in red on the map.

In the DRC, the inhabitants of several villages in the Mbanza Ngungu territory, in the Kolofuma chiefdom (Kongo-Central), are reclaiming the land their ancestors ceded to the Jules Van Lancker (JVL) company in 1921. According to these people, these agreements date back to colonial times and should therefore be obsolete, as they are no longer adapted to today's socio-economic and legal realities.

What are the grounds for the Mbanza Ngungu people's claims against these colonial-era land transfer contracts with the JVL company?

Taty Dilengendju Mapuku attempts to answer these questions in this issue of Echo de développement.

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