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Story Publication logo March 19, 2021

Restoring the Dome of Life (part III): Illegal Logging Exacerbates the Damage to the Function of the Protected Forest in Kalibandung


Image by Aries Munandar.

The coverage focuses on the efforts and challenges in restoring the peat forest in Kalibandung...


Kubu Raya, KALIMANTAN BARAT. RAUNGAN chainsaws can often be heard from afar on the edge of the peat forest in Kalibandung Village. That indicates clearing is still ongoing today.

In fact, law enforcement efforts have not deterred the perpetrators. They are still on the move, even though some have been arrested and named as suspects of illegal loggers.

The suspicion of re-operation of illegal logging was confirmed by the findings of the Kalibandung Village Forest Management Agency (LPHD) team. They were patrolling in November last year or only about two months after the arrest operation was held by the Kubu Raya Police.

"We believe illegal logging still exists, but the perpetrators are not Kalibandung residents. They entered from the surrounding village area,” said Usman, Head of the Kalibandung LPHD, at the end of January.

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