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Story Publication logo April 13, 2022

Video: Happy Stories, Sugar Palm Farmers in TNBT Area (bahasa Indonesia)


An aerial shot of an Indonesian national park.

A comparison of the two sides of people's lives: those living in the preserved TNBT area and the...


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The residents of Talang Lakat, Batang Gansal District are one of the Indigenous people who face the development of the TNBT area. The 48-year-old man along with dozens of other residents joined the TNBT palm farmer development group.

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On top of the garden which is approximately 4 hectares wide there are several palm stems.

Not only that, there are also various other plants such as forest salak and durian, bananas, betel nut, jengkol, and there are also palm oil plants.

Video by Tribun Pekanbaru. Indonesia, 2022.