Kisme Antonio Evaristo Castellano


Journalism Fund

Kisme Antonio Evaristo Castellano, a descendant of the Baniva Indigenous people, studied teaching at the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in 2000 and is now completing his studies in journalism.

He began his communications career at the radio station Raudal Estéreo, 92.9 FM, in 2001, where he was part of a project from the Catholic Church of Amazonas, called Voz de la Selva Educational Radio Project. There, he was trained as a community reporter, where he based his work on neighborhoods, urbanizations, and, especially, Indigenous communities.

During his time at the radio station, he was part of the production, writing, and broadcasting team for the Meridiano news program. He also created the programs Entérate and Sobre La Mesa.

He was appointed as executive secretary of Information and Interinstitutional Relations of the Government of Amazonas. He was president of Fundación Radio La Voz del Orinoco, where he promoted the production of micro-broadcasts and radio campaigns.

He currently reports for the Shirley Radio program, hosted by journalist Shirley Varnagy and broadcast by Onda radio station in Caracas, Venezuela. He does investigative work for Provea and is part of the team of El Radar Informativo, as a reporter and moderator.

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