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Project August 17, 2022

Alter do Chão, the ‘Amazonian Caribbean,’ is For Sale


Amazônia Real investigated that a significant part of the 1,267.75 hectares of Alter do Chão, Brazil, that were burned in 2019 has since been allotted.

The sale of lots occurs in an open manner on social networks or through posters scattered along PA-457, the road that connects Santarém to Alter do Chão, the tourist village known as the "Amazonian Caribbean."

This project, divided into two reports, reveals the existence of a network of illegal occupation of public lands that advances at a rapid pace over the same burned area that was the stage for the criminalization of brigade members who fought to preserve Alter do Chão.

Because of security concerns in Alter do Chão, Amazônia Real journalists Maria Alves, Amanda Lima, and Mário Rodrigues are publishing under pseudonyms.