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Project April 29, 2020

Deforestation in the Amazon: Causes, Reflections, and Solutions



Recently, Brazil and rest of the world saw how the use of fires and illegal deforestation has expanded in the Amazon. Although this is not a new problem in the region, much of the attention this year focused on the increase in both. INPE (the Brazilian Institute for Space Research) showed a 278% increase in areas with deforestation alerts in August. The number of fires registered also grew to over 28,000, well above the historic average of the last 21 years.

The idea of this project is to produce a series of three episodes, showing causes and reflections and pointing to existing initiatives that have helped to reduce deforestation in the region. The focus is on Pará, one of the Amazon states with the highest levels of forest clearing in the last few years.

The first episode will show how the economic development model is implanted in Pará. It has transformed Pará into a supplier of raw materials, exploiting it of its natural resources, with no regard for sustainable development.

The second episode will show how the advancement of deforestation in areas of environmental protection has contributed to the destruction of the environment. It will also cover the effects on climate and on the health of those living in the region.

The third and last episode will show local initiatives in sustainable development which have helped to diminish deforestation and how they could serve as the basis for a new development model for the region.