Project October 25, 2021

The Fight to Keep the Forest Standing



The destruction of the Amazon brings the forest closer to the point of no return. It is advancing at an accelerated pace with land grabbing, logging, and the expansion of agribusiness. The largest tropical forest in the world already emits more carbon than it absorbs.

This reporting project addresses environmental scientists' alert to the arrival to the "point of no return" and the ribeirinhos' (riverine peoples') strategies based on the Floresta Em Pé (Standing Forest) bio-economy. The project will also address the Amazônia 4.0 project created by climatologist Carlos Nobre. The idea is to bring biofactories to communities where deforestation continues.

The reporting team will go to Lábrea, one of the cities that deals with the highest rates of deforestation. Conservation units and undesignated public areas are at risk. The lack of inspection allows squatting and the invasion of Indigenous lands of seven ethnic groups.

This project will also cover the Forest Cities project from the IDESAM NGO, as noted by researcher Philip Fearniside, from INPA. The project promotes the forest economy, with the extraction of vegetable oils from native species such as Murumuru and the generation of carbon credits.