The spectacled bear is one of the eight bear species on Earth and the only one that walks in six countries of South America. The population of these large mammals — in danger of extinction — has been declining due to the deforestation of the tropical dry forest. AngloGold's mining project La Quebradona, which is already in the licensing phase, could not only accelerate the bear's disappearance in Colombia, it could also divert, contaminate and reduce the water streams and, with it, 74% of the mammalian species of the region and 40% of its birds would be lost. Around 65,000 trees could disappear, interrupting the regeneration of the native forest.

Today, the community resists with an anti-mining civic movement that has been reviewed by the Colombian media. However, no one has specified La Quebradona's effects on the spectacled bear.

This reporting project aims to raise attention on the urgency to prevent the National Environmental Licensing Authority from granting a license to AngloGold, and promote the conservation of a species that is essential for the maintenance of the landscape and the ecosystem services of the Andean ecoregions.