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Project December 17, 2020

Investigating and Mapping the Role of Indigenous People in the Conservation of Congo


There are currently some efforts being made to protect indigenous peoples' customary land rights and promoting community conservation in Congo rainforests.

Taking into consideration that reducing the vulnerability indigenous communities climate change, land dispossession in Congo rainforest is crucial, the role of traditional institutions, including village and “groupement” leaders and their “notables” is also important to ensure their inclusion in professional activities within forest management.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sammy Balance Mupfuni will focus on indigenous Mbuti and Batwa people living in the dense forests of Mambasa and surrounding villages like Banana and Mandima in Ituri Province in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Momboya in Equateur Province; Aimable Twahirwa will focus on Batwa in Rwanda while Fredrick will focus on Bwata in Uganda.

Each journalist will work independently; have their final product published by their media houses. The three published stories will later be brought together to form one project which will be published as single project comprising the three stories.