The devastation of the Amazon advances in Maranhão, Brazil. What native vegetation remains is in indigenous areas and conservation units. Even under threat, the Ka'apor people are dedicated to saving biodiversity.

Our team, vaccinated against COVID-19, was invited by the Indigenous people to record the tradition of feather art, the dedication of the Ka'apor people in defense of the forest and their culture. This report will show the political strategy of this people to avoid invasions, so common in their lands, especially in recent years.

They no longer live in the middle of the territory surrounded by forest. Today, they subdivide their groups and create new villages on the edges of the demarcated land to increase surveillance and reduce wood theft. There are already more than 25 villages.

We will portray the devastation of the Amazon around the indigenous land and in the state. We will register the efforts of this people, whose culture was studied by Darcy and Berta Ribeiro, in order to survive.