About the Amazon Rainforest Journalism Fund

The Rainforest Journalism Fund aims to support and build capacity of local, regional, and international journalists reporting on issues related to tropical rainforests. One of the three rainforest regions of focus is the Amazon Basin, spanning across the continent of South America. Here, a dedicated group of journalists with extensive experience covering the Amazon envisioned a resource for strengthening and deepening reporting on rainforest issues.  Several of them are now advisory committee members for the Amazon Rainforest Journalism Fund, which provides grants and workshops for journalists reporting for a range of media reaching local, national, and regional audiences in the region. To learn more about the story of the founding committee and origins of the Amazon RJF, see here.

Any questions about the Amazon Rainforest Journalism Fund? Contact Verónica Goyzueta, the Amazon Regional Coordinator, via email at amazon.rjf@pulitzercenter.org.

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Grants for journalists based in the Amazon region reporting for local and regional outlets. Applications can be in English, Português, or Español.

Learn more about guidelines for Amazon Rainforest Journalism Fund proposals here.

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Regional Advisory Committee

The Amazon RJF advisory committee is composed of leaders in journalism on issues relating to tropical rainforests. Founding members of this committee were the first to envision a fund to support rainforest journalism in the Amazon in a way that is informed by regional perspectives and deep understanding of the context. Jonathan Watts, Chair of the Amazon advisory committee, engaged the interest of NICFI (the initiative's funder) and facilitated discussions which eventually led to the creation of the Rainforest Journalism Fund. To learn more about the story of the founding committee and origins of the Amazon RJF, see here.

Members of the Amazon RJF advisory committee review and provide independent guidance for proposals for local and regional reporting projects focusing on tropical rainforests in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, and Venezuela. The committee also helps to develop annual convenings for journalists reporting from and on the Amazon Basin. 

Amazon Rainforest Journalism Fund Grantees

How the Amazon Rainforest Journalism Fund began

Read the Amazon RJF Advisory Committee's story of the origins of this initiative

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Resources & Events

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May 5, 2020

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July 24, 2020

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