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Story Publication logo June 3, 2021

Cameroon: Large-Scale Logging Forces Indigenous Baka Out of the Forests (French)


Four Baka women stand side-by-side together in the rainforest.

Massive logging of the rainforest leaves the Baka pygmies with very restricted user rights and no...


Expelled from the forest at the arrival of the logging company Pallisco, the forest Indigenous Baka of Bidjoumam are currently vulnerable to exploitation, dust, ill health and loss of land.

In Mindourou/East Cameroon, there are about 300 indigenous Baka living in Bidjoumam hamlet, home to the communities affected by Pallisco logging activities. They used to have everything they needed in the forest, now things have changed because of massive logging activities carried out by Pallisco. They left the forest in 1977 and moved along the edge of the muddy road. Pallisco owns three forest management units (FMUs): 10-030, 10-031 and 10-047B, and the logging company has been operating in Cameroon since 1972 and its lease is scheduled to expire in 2045.

This story excerpt was translated from French. To continue reading the French story in full, visit the Agence Cameroun Presse website. You may also view the original French story on the Rainforest Journalism Fund website here, or find a full English translation of this story, originally published in InfoCongo, on our website here. The Rainforest Journalism Fund website is available in English, Spanish, bahasa Indonesia, French, and Portuguese.