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Story Publication logo May 13, 2021

Cameroon: Lom Pangar Dam Disrupts Local Communities' Way of Life (French)


A wooden boat on a river in Cameroon.

This project follows the people of a locality called Deng Deng in the district of Belabo, department...


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Since the construction of the country's largest hydroelectric dam, the natives of Lom Pangar have been struggling to find food resources.

"Edc [Electricité du congo] gave us hope by promising us that after the dam was completed, we would have plenty of fish, and at a low price," recalls Faroukou Kombo, a farmer in Képéré Deng Deng, a village near the Lom Pangar hydroelectric dam in eastern Cameroon. "But when we go to the docks, the fishermen hardly look at us," he says, looking disappointed.

Like Kombo, many people in the area are experiencing enormous difficulties in obtaining fish.