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Story Publication logo March 8, 2021

Caring for the Forest With Coffee (bahasa Indonesia)


A community reforestation project in Central Java, Indonesia.

Despite having the largest share of the world's tropical forest, Southeast Asia has become the world...

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Tasuri, an environmental activist, walking through a dense forest.
Tasuri, an environmental activist in Petungkriyono, is committed to protecting the forest by utilizing existing coffee plants without clearing new land that can destroy forests and endanger animal habitats. Image by Siti Masudah Isnawati.

A large, towering tree and canopy of touching trees line the road entering the forest area in Petungkriyono District, Pekalongan Regency, Central Java. Sometimes in the forest you will also come across waterfalls and flowing rivers.

A number of signs forbidding wildlife hunting in the forest are installed at several points along the road. Every now and then, a Javan langur monkey (Trachypithecus auratus) appears.

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