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Story Publication logo June 22, 2022

Documentary: Bakiriang Conservation Areas Turned into Oil Palm Gardens (bahasa Indonesia)


Two people load oil palm into a truck.

Bangkiriang Wildlife Reserve (SM) Conservation Area in Banggai Regency, Sulawesi, Indonesia has...


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The palm oil company PT Kurnia Luwuk Sejati, in Banggai District, Central Sulawesi, has been in conflict with residents for years, such as in Toili District. The women are fighting back, trying to get the rights to their managed land where the company has planted oil palm.

Samria Badjana is a woman from Toili District, Banggai Regency, Central Sulawesi. The palm oil company promised to share profits if the land was planted with oil palm. The company also promised to arrange a land registration ownership letter (SKPT) from the village government. Promises are just words. For years there was no clarity, Samria was angry and went to court. Samria went to jail.

Based on Kompas Peduli Hutan Foundation (KOMIU) records, from 2000 to 2020, gross deforestation resulting from land clearing activities for the expansion of PT KLS's oil palm plantation reached 19,972 hectares. Deforestation in the Bakiriang Wildlife Reserve amounted to 3,532.46 hectares. This triggered agrarian conflicts that have yet to be resolved.

Video by Sarjan Lahay. Indonesia, 2022.