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Story Publication logo June 14, 2022

Dom and Bruno Case: Police Arrest New Suspect in Disappearance (Portuguese)


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The detainee is the brother of "Pelado" who, according to the Civil Police, "had an effective participation" in the disappearance of a journalist and Indigenous activist in Vale do Javari; the new suspect had reported the torture of his brother.

The police arrested on Tuesday night (June 14, 2022) one more suspect of involvement in the disappearance of British journalist Dom Phillips and Indigenous activist Bruno Pereira, who disappeared in Vale do Javari (AM) on June 5. The suspect is Oseney da Costa de Oliveira, brother of Amarildo da Costa Oliveira, known as "Pelado"—the only one arrested so far and also suspected of being involved in the case.

Civil Police Chief Alex Perez said that Oseney, also known as "Dos Santos," was arrested for "supposed qualified homicide" and that he had "effective participation" in the crime. The investigators relied on witness statements to find the suspect. He was the one who gave interviews to journalists last week denouncing that his brother had been tortured by police officers when arrested.

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On Tuesday afternoon, while sailing on the Itacoaí river, the Repórter Brasil team caught an exclusive glimpse of the search of Dos Santos' house.

Around 12:45pm, five boats with dozens of men from the Federal Police, Civil Police, Army, and Navy arrived at the community of São Gabriel.

Investigators inspect the house of Oseney da Costa de Oliveira, also known as "Dos Santos," in the São Gabriel community. He's suspected of involvement in the disappearance of journalist Dom Phillips and Indigenous activist Bruno Pereira. Image by Caio Castor/Repórter Brasil. Brazil, 2023.

Boats search and seize communities on the Itacoaí river. Image by Caio Castor/Repórter Brasil. Brazil, 2023.