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Story Publication logo September 23, 2022

Newsgame: Liberica Coffee (bahasa Indonesia)


Local people process to making food from sago palm in Tahuna, Sangihe Island, Indonesia. Image courtesy of Bastian AS/Shutterstock. Indonesia, 2020.

A newsgame from Kompas shows how sago plays a vital role in peatland restoration.


This story excerpt was translated from bahasa Indonesia. To read the original story in full, visit VIK Kompas. You may also view the original story on the Rainforest Journalism Fund website here. Our website is available in English, Spanish, bahasa Indonesia, French, and Portuguese.

For some, games are just a waste of time. However, for the open-minded, a game can be a medium of art, literature, communication, and beyond.

Through this project, Kompas.com tries to explore games as medium to tell the complexity of environmental issues. When we say "game," it means something beyond a quiz and mere clicks.

We visited Kedabu Rapat Village in Meranti, Riau Islands, just an hour from Singapore, where we met a farmer who views liberica coffee (Coffea liberica) as life saver for their livelihood and as an alternative to palm oil.

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Our reporting revealed that although liberica has some marketable opportunities, it faces huge challenges due to its taste and the public perception of quality coffee.

In the specialty coffee market, arabica is regarded as the best coffee due to its complex flavor. Robusta is considered lower quality, and thus has a lower price. Liberica is the lowest, and few people are aware of it.

Innovation and funding are needed for the farmer to change their dream into reality. Not only that, there is a need to change the narrative of what makes good coffee. Every species of coffee should be treated fairly.

Kompas.com created a "newsgame" to tell this message. We adopt the maze concept to describe an innovation journey, introduce leveling in the newsgame, and complement with text so readers can better grasp the message.

This content can be accessed at https://vik.kompas.com/kopi-liberika/.

Image by VIK Kompas. Indonesia, 2022.

Image by VIK Kompas. Indonesia, 2022.

Image by VIK Kompas. Indonesia, 2022.