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Story Publication logo June 17, 2022

Pessimism Grows in Search for Bruno and Dom after the Location of their Belongings (Portuguese)


a man is being escorted by a police officer.

A series of investigative reports will look into the actions of the authorities and institutions in...

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The search continues after information about the location of the bodies of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira was denied; on Monday there was a protest of indigenous people in Atalaia do Norte (AM). Image by Avener Prado. Brazil, 2022.

After unconfirmed information was released on Monday morning, June 13, about the location of the bodies of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira, the search was resumed by indigenous people, firefighters and military personnel at the same point on the Ituí river where Bruno and Dom's belongings were found this weekend.

The indigenous people engaged in the search on the bed of the Ituí river, about 40 km or an hour and a half by boat from the port of Atalaia, belong to Univaja (Union of Indigenous Peoples of the Javari Valley) - which activated the bodies responsible for the search - and cast a heavy shadow of pessimism over the chances of locating Pereira and Phillips alive.

Besides a backpack, a notebook and a blue tarpaulin that according to the Indians is similar to the one used by members of Univaja, the Indians also said that they found a document belonging to a health plan used by public servants of the Union in the name of Bruno Pereira.