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Story Publication logo November 16, 2021

Risk of Extermination: Pandemic and Bolsonaro Government Threaten Isolated Indigenous People (Portuguese)


Large trees with gnarled roots lining the banks of the Javari river.

"After a long history of decimation, we Indigenous people resisted and our population increased...

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This story excerpt was translated from Portuguese. To read the original story in full, visit Amazonia.org. You may also view the original story on the Rainforest Journalism Fund website here. Our website is available in English, Spanish, bahasa Indonesia, French, and Portuguese.

Unprecedented analysis maps the invasions of miners, loggers and even traffickers in territories with isolated peoples and shows how Covid and policies of the current government are strangling indigenous lands and the survival of the isolated peoples.

The murder of two isolated indigenous people by miners in the Yanomami Indigenous Territory, disclosed last week by the Hutukara Associação Yanomami (HAY), is a tragedy that had been foretold from several sides.

Image courtesy of Carolina Passos and Repórter Brasil.

Image courtesy of OPI.

Photographer Flay Guajajara came across an isolated Awá Guajá indigenous person, with whom he shares the Araribóia IT. Image by Flay Guajajara and Mídia Índia. Brazil, 2021.

Flay Guajajara is accompanied by other Guardians of the Forest, a group of indigenous people who work to protect the territory of the Araribóia IT, having to occupy a function that would be the government's. Image taken by Flay Guajajara. Brazil, 2021.

Today the Huni Kuin find ...

… footprints of the isolated with much more …

…. frequency than before.

Tamandua and Baita are the only two remaining Piripkura living in the IT that is among the main concerns of indigenous groups, especially because of an ordinance that, if not renewed, creates a scenario of the end of a people. Image by Bruno Jorge, Zeza Filmes, Divulgação. Brazil, 2021.