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Story Publication logo October 31, 2023

Video: Caring for the Forest, Mother of Life (bahasa Indonesia)


A picture of a spring.

Three small islands in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), namely Semau, Rote and Timor, have springs that...

Video courtesy of KompasTV.

In Kabola Sub-district, Alor Regency, Indonesia, life flourishes around the springs on the slopes of Mount Kabola Lawahing and Mount Alila. Locals go to great lengths to preserve the forest given its role in the environment, such as maintaining the flow of precious springs, influencing rainfall, and more. Locals prohibit the cutting of trees on their land and take several measures to save their forests.

The farmers avoid burning their fields for fear of polluting the air and endangering the entire forest. They follow the legacy of their ancestors who taught them not to burn the forest or cut trees by the river in order to enjoy the pleasures of nature in the future, like the chirping of birds and the roar of water when the river falls.

Despite their efforts, residents are worried that the water source will dry up due to the growing number of villagers and water users.

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