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Project November 9, 2023

Protecting the Forest and Water Resources of Small Islands



Three small islands in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), namely Semau, Rote and Timor, have springs that never dry up throughout the year. The springs are Uiasa on Semau, Lelain and Oemau on Rote, and Adang, Kabola, and Nostalgia on Alor Island.

The preservation of forests on these three islands has helped to maintain groundwater stocks so that the need for clean water for drinking, sanitation, and irrigation can be met. Information on the condition of forests and water sources on these three small islands was obtained from research and interviews with geology experts from Nusa Cendana University Kupang, the rector of Tribuana University Alor, and village officials.

I will visit these three islands one by one to report on the forest condition, forest ecosystem, geology, climate, flora, and fauna. Are there springs? If so, do the springs dry up during the dry season or not? Considering that the dry season in NTT lasts 7-8 months, does it have an impact on water stocks? This coverage is more interesting when contrasted with the ongoing seven-dam construction project.

I will interview officials at the Nusa Tenggara II River Center to report on whether dams are a solution to the water crisis in the dry season, because dams submerge productive land. Water in dams dries up at the height of the drought, in contrast to the simple and cheap water supply strategy of forests.

This coverage ultimate aims to educate the public about the importance of forests.