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Story Publication logo October 12, 2022

Video: Nusakambangan Island, Home of Biodiversity and Source of Clean Water (bahasa Indonesia)


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The tropical rainforest on Nusakambangan Island, Cilacap, Central Java, Indonesia is very important...


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Nusakambangan Island is a small island that covers only 210 square kilometers (km2) or about 21 thousand hectares (ha). It is 36 km long with a width between 3-9 km.

The status of Nusakambangan Island is quite unique because the local island is actually used as a prison island. On the island, there are currently eight correctional institutions (Lapas) operating.

Although on the local island there are also forests and nature reserves. To get to Nusakambangan Island, you must cross by boat, which takes about 10-15 minutes.

The topography of Nusakambangan Island is generally hilly and undulating with a few flat areas on the northern coast and the western end of the island. Nusakambangan Island has an altitude of 0-190 meters above sea level (masl). For this reason, the forest on one of Indonesia's outermost islands is the remaining lowland tropical rainforest.

One area that is quite unique is the eastern part of Nusakambangan. In the local area there is the eastern Nusakambangan Nature Reserve. Many trees grow there.

Among them are horn agarwood and Pelahlar, which is endemic to Nusakambangan. Not only that, there are still many other trees that live in the forests of Nusakambangan Island.

Watch the full video below:

Video by Media Indonesia, Indonesia, 2022.