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Project October 12, 2022

The Lowland Tropical Rainforest of Nusakambangan Island: Threats and Conservation Efforts



This project features in-depth coverage of the existence of lowland tropical rainforests on Nusakambangan Island, Cilacap, Central Java. The management authority of Nusakambangan Island is the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, as the local island is used as a prison island.

On Nusakambangan there are forests that are the habitat of various wildlife. Based on data from the Central Java Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA) there are still wild animals and various rare plants, especially in the Nature Reserve (CA) area. Among the wildlife that still exist are leopards, jungle cats, langurs and others. While the rare and typical plant of Nusakambangan Island is Plalar.

Until now, there are still logging efforts by unknown people and agricultural land clearing by residents. In the local area there is also a mining of cement raw materials which is now managed by PT Solusi Bangun Indonesia, which is part of Semen Indonesia.

The coverage is directed to the forests of Nusakambangan Island, especially West Nusakambangan CA and East Nusakambangan CA. This coverage will examine the functions and benefits of the rainforest.

The Nusakambangan Island forest is not only a habitat for wildlife or a place where special plants grow, but also a protection for springs. The existence of springs is the main source of water for the residents of Kampung Laut Subdistrict. With the importance of the Nusakambangan Island forest, it is very interesting to do in-depth coverage. How are the threats and conservation efforts. This coverage is supported by the Pulitzer Center.