A team from TV Cultura, led by Lais Duarte, was invited by the Ashaninkas to enter the Kampa Indigenous territory in Acre, on the border with Peru.

The report tells the story of the struggle of the Ashaninkas, from the Incas, to rubber in the 19th century, and logging today.

The Ashaninka combine traditional customs with the ideals of sustainability, such as the agroforestry system with which they supply the surplus fruit for the school meals in the region.

The report also registers their shamanic cosmology and the project of a highway that will cut through the Serra do Divisor National Park and several Indigenous lands to link Acre to Pucallpa, Peru, which is expected to destroy the forest and facilitate drug trafficking.

The documentary also features interviews with renowned scientists, such as Philip Fearnside from the National Institute for Amazon Research (Inpa), climatologist Carlos Nobre, and anthropologists from the Socio-Environmental Institute.