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Project August 14, 2023

Bolivia’s Invisible Amazon and Its Guardians Who Won't Give Up (Spanish)



The world's largest tropical rainforest, in Bolivia, is in danger: It is the victim of illegal deforestation and forest fires that destroy an average of 300,000 hectares of forest annually; of drug trafficking that builds clandestine airstrips; of mining contamination; and of conflicts over land seizures within protected areas and Indigenous territories.

The Bolivian Amazon suffers in silence and the native peoples are its invisible guardians and victims of persecution and death threats from political, economic, and criminal powers. The Indigenous people know the critical points and what is needed so that the jungle does not reach the fateful point of no return. They have the proposals that must be heard and they know what the solutions are based on their worldview.

From the ancestral territories, the Indigenous guardians of the silent Amazon of Bolivia narrate their apocalypse that the world does not see, and—with the wisdom inherited from their ancestors—propose urgent solutions.

Historically unheard voices are now narrating from the exuberant beauty of the Amazon and also from the heart and peripheries of its destruction.