Project May 12, 2022

Company’s Profit, Society’s Loss



The Environmental Organization Forum (Walhi) of South Sulawesi noted that currently East Luwu Regency is losing about 41,000 hectares of forest cover. The cause is nickel mining activity. In 2009, the area of forest cover in the district still reached 428,000 hectares. Then in 2014 it was reduced to an area of 412,000 hectares and until now an area of 387,000 hectares. Tropical forests in South Sulawesi are indeed undergoing nickel mining expansion.

As a result, it is bad for the environment and local communities/local customs. The seizure of community management territory makes them suffer. Human rights violations occur until their incomes are declining. Meanwhile, PT Vale is getting richer because mining and nickel management continue to expand.

Forest functions began to shift to mining areas after the government issued mining business licenses in East Luwu Regency.