Project June 17, 2022

Preserving Herman Johannes Forest Park Area



The Herman Johannes Forest Park has an area of 1,900 hectares. It is located in 12 villages and four sub-districts in Kupang District, East Nusa Tenggara Province. Herman Johannes Forest Park is an important forest area in the southern part of Timor Island as it is host to an enormous diversity of animals and plants.

Research in Herman Johannes Forest Park in 2015 by Wim Bureni – a student of the Department of Biology, Nusa Cendana University – found teak, ampupu, sandalwood, mahogany, haubesi, and mountain cypress trees. There are Timor deer, wild boars, Timor monitor lizards, jungle fowls, cuscus, and yellow-breasted lorikeets. No less important are the site's 60 springs.

In 2019, Wim Bureni returned and found a looted and polluted Park. When I interviewed Wim on the phone, he predicted that 25 percent of the area had already been damaged. Residents had encircled the area, taken firewood, cut the teak, and let their livestock roam freely in the forest area.

There is a guard post where the park border meets civilization, but no officers have been yet assigned; People are free to enter the forest without any supervision. If it remains unguarded, the park's condition will worsen. Coverage of Herman Johannes Forest Park aspires to educate the public about the important role of the Forest Park as its ongoing destruction disrupts local water and energy supplies.