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Story Publication logo November 30, 2023

Podcast: 'Vozes Do Planeta' Explores New Species in the Brazilian Amazon (Portuguese)


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A podcast, reports, and a documentary tell the story of new discoveries in the Brazilian Amazon.

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The Serra do Imeri, on the Roof of Brazil, is a group of mountains in the north of Amazonas, close to the border with Venezuela, where probably no scientist has ever set foot. This podcast series documents what journalists and scientists have discovered in the region, from new plant species to animals. (The podcast's audio is in Portuguese. English summaries of podcast episodes follow.)

01 - Evolution of the Amazon and Naturalists of the 21st Century

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An expedition to discover new species in the high-altitude islands of the Brazilian Amazon. At the end of 2022, researchers set off for the Serra do Imeri, a place where no scientist had set foot before, to document new species. In this first episode of the series, we get to know a little more about these 21st century naturalists and understand the evolution of the Amazon.

02 - Botany of the Serra do Imeri

An open field full of bromeliads and, at the same time, misty with bryophytes and epiphytes. In the second episode of the series, we'll take a closer look at the flora found here. The vegetation is reminiscent of the Atlantic Forest on top of the Amazon rainforest, with a gigantic diversity of plants.

03 - Birds of the Serra do Imeri

The higher the altitude, the higher the bird's flight? In the third episode of this series about the expedition to the Serra do Imeri, we delve deeper into ornithology. In this episode, the topic is the birds found on the high-altitude islands of the Brazilian Amazon and which species were documented during the 12-day expedition.

04 - Mammals of the Serra do Imeri

In the fourth episode of the series about the expedition to the Serra do Imeri, we land in a place with very humid soil at an altitude of 1,900 meters (6,233.6 feet) On the border between Brazil and Venezuela, in a hazy area unknown to Brazilian science, several species have been documented. In this edition, the focus is on the mammals found in the mud trails of the Serra do Imeri.

05 - Reptiles and Amphibians of the Serra do Imeri

Have you ever wondered which reptiles and amphibians might live in the far north of the Amazon, in an isolated mountain range at an altitude of over 1,900 meters (6,233.6 feet)? Researchers went into the field at the end of 2022 to document which species of fauna and flora live there. In this episode, we get to know a little more about the reptiles and amphibians that live here.

06 - The perception of climate change at the top of the Amazon

How can one of the highest and most remote places on the planet document the impacts of climate change? The expedition to the Serra do Imeri, in addition to investigating the species of fauna and flora that live there, also provides an understanding of how these species can contribute to the projection of climate change.

07- Rafaela Forzza, a journey of love for Brazilian botany

To conclude this series of podcasts about the expedition to the Serra do Imeri at the end of 2022, we're going to learn about the journey of a Brazilian researcher, passionate about botany, who was one of those selected to embark on this trip to one of the places untouched by science. What is her story up to this point and what did she find in the Serra do Imeri? Listen in the last episode of the series.