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Story Publication logo June 2, 2021

Protecting a Rare Primate's Home (bahasa Indonesia)


Indonesian farmer bends down to plant crops in a garden.

This coverage examines the efforts of a hospital in the interior of West Kalimantan, to be precise...


An adult male wild orangutan gets released into the Gunung Palung National Park. Image courtesy of Pontianak Post. Indonesia, 2021.

The scorching sun could not get past the shady trees around the offices of the Indonesian Nature Rehabilitation Initiation Foundation (YIARI) that afternoon. A woman came in a hurry on a bicycle. Arriving at the yard, she immediately parked her bicycle. "I'd like to introduce our director," said Heribertus, YIARI Media Supervisor.

The director Heribertus was referring to was Dr Karmele LIano Sanchez, the founder of YIARI. Karmele is known for her diligent efforts to save orangutans in Tanah Kayong.

"How are you? Welcome to our office,” Karmele Sanchez said as she greeted us. She soon joined us at a table where we had previously spoken with Heribertus at the Sir Michael Uren Learning Center in Ketapang.

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