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Story Publication logo August 5, 2021

Unlicensed Gold Mining in Sumatran Indigenous Forests (bahasa Indonesia)


Woman crosses a bridge in the Guguk Customary Forest.

The Guguk Forest is a customary forest of the Guguk Indigenous community in Jambi, Sumatra. The...


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Jambi — Anshori Hasan, 54, looked troubled when he was asked about the unlicensed gold mining activity that has been afflicting the Guguk Customary Forest area. He had difficulty hiding this anxiety because the heavy equipment from illegal gold mining activities have now left dugouts all along the riverbanks of the customary forest in Guguk Village, Renah Pembarap District, Merangin Regency, Jambi.

"We are sad that there are many traces of illegal gold mines along the riverbank," Anshori said, kicking off the conversation.

Accompanied by a young man from Guguk Village, I then had a chance to see firsthand the sight that made Anshori sad earlier. Only a stone's throw from the suspension bridge that serves as the access point to the customary forest, the traces of illegal mining are there in plain sight.