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Story Publication logo August 11, 2021

How Agroforestry Helps Fight Deforestation and Preserve Natural Forests (French)


View of the Luki dense tropical Forest

Understanding the contribution of agroforestry in the fight against deforestation and the...

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Image by Solange Tangamu. Democratic Republic of Congo, 2021.

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In the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the forest covers about 128 million hectares, 80% of households use charcoal and firewood as domestic energy. Millions of trees are cut down each year to meet this growing need. In order to mitigate the pressure on these forests, savannah agroforestry projects are being replicated in several provinces of the country. The aim of these projects is to promote the cultivation of certain food crops and trees such as the acacia (auriculiformis) in the area.

In Ntsio, in the Bateke region, and in Gungu, in the Kwilu province, farmers are experimenting with agroforestry and are satisfied to be able to contribute to the safeguarding of the planet while seeing their own living conditions improve. Solange Tangamu (Forum des As) and Myriam Iragi (Top Congo) went to meet these farmers in the month of July to learn more about agroforestry and its impact in the fight against deforestation in these regions.