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Story Publication logo December 13, 2023

Videos: Indigenous Forest Status (bahasa Indonesia)


a person collecting plants in the rainforest

Many Indigenous communities are trying to get their customary forest status recognized by the...

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An English summary of these videos is below. The original videos, published in bahasa Indonesia in Kompas, follow.

On Rattan and Forest, the Mului Indigenous Community in the Interior of East Kalimantan Struggles

This is the life of the Mului Indigenous community in the interior of Paser Regency, East Kalimantan. Mului is one of the few Indigenous communities whose ecosystems have been legally designated through the Paser Regent Decree.

Video courtesy of Kompas. Indonesia, 2023.

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Critical Land and Frankincense Issues in the "Tano" Batak Customary Forest

Three Batak "Tano" Indigenous communities manage their customary lands and forests, namely Simenak Henak, Nagasaribu Siharbangan, and Pandumaan Sipituhuta.

Video courtesy of Kompas. Indonesia, 2023.